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 xxxHolic: The Visit from some strangers

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Admin Methuselah

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PostSubject: xxxHolic: The Visit from some strangers   Thu Aug 07, 2008 1:57 am



Ok, in this one, you guys can ask Yuiko for a wish and go through the process, so I'll be Yuiko. And since I have no idea how old she is, I'll go anyway...

Yuiko lay lounged over her couch, steam everywhere and the sun blazing outside her store. She moaned, "Oh, Watanuki! Where is that boy?" Maru and Moro fanned her from the floor on their knees, "Oh, Mistress! He'll be here!" They chanted in unison. She sighed heavily, "It's just like him to be late. I should add to his price just for this." Black Mokana hopped all around the two soul-less girls, "Mokana wants Sake`! Or how about beer, Yuiko?" Yuiko waved it away, "We're all out. Watanuki needs to buy more..."
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PostSubject: Re: xxxHolic: The Visit from some strangers   Thu Aug 07, 2008 3:19 am

Name: Dara
Age: 15
Appearence: Long legs and arms. Light tan skin. Spikey brown hair. Dark green eyes. Kind and shy. Lonely. Sleeveless white turtle-neck and black jeans.

Dara walked under the mid-day sun, Black messenger bag slung over his shoulder. His eyes, weary and tired, are glued to the ground. A bird flirted down from the cherry tree on the side of the park he was passing and sat on his shoulder. It was bright orange, with blue around it's beady black eyes and chest. Dara sighed, "Not today, Jared. I need to get to work." Dara worked at the animal shelter as it's manager, although still at a young age. He shooed the bird back to his mate on a branch, more blue then ornage, and continued on his way. As he passed a tall cement wall and yawned, his legs stopped him at it's black gates. Dara struggled in confusion to keep walking, but he caught sight of a house behind the bars. He leaned towords the latch and tried to push it open, stretching his slender fingers to reach from his spot. As the tips of his fingers touched the metal, the gates swung open and his legs released him as he flung forward. Landing face-first in the dirt, he groaned.
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PostSubject: Re: xxxHolic: The Visit from some strangers   Thu Aug 21, 2008 6:01 am

Name: Watanuki
Age: 17

Watanuki ran down the street to Yuiko's store, legs pumping. Ah, Yuiko is gonna kill me for being late!! He turned a corner, tripping over some kid's sprawled-outform on the ground in front of Yuiko's store, "Wah!" He landed face-first as well, body going limp. "Ow..."
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PostSubject: Re: xxxHolic: The Visit from some strangers   

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xxxHolic: The Visit from some strangers
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